Video Extravaganza!

What a fun assignment week!

We were tasked with reaching 12 stars worth of assignments. Mine are 4, 4 and 5 stars and I really enjoyed producing them.

The first video I made from the Assignment BankPsycho Cheese, came about from a brainstorming session with my youngest daughter, Cordelia. We needed help from my other daughter, Danielle,Image result for hitchcock funny gif and together the three of us played a joke on Hitchcock.

We shot the video in 4 or 5 takes. I imported it to my laptop and used VideoPad to lay it out and add a title and credits.

The second Assignment Bank video idea, How Tea’s Made, came from Danielle, who helped me by acting as well. She drinks a lot of tea. Like, seriously, we have enough tea to clog the Boston harbor. Anyway, I love the show How It’s Made, so this was also a no-brainer.Image result for too much tea funny gif

Dan and I ventured into the kitchen, where she took my directions and, I might add, made a great cup of tea. I also used VideoPad to edit, this time with many more clips and adding theme music from How It’s Made.

But the most fun was the Assignment Bank old-time instructional film. We all participated in producing Your Teenagers and You. The girls enjoyed the brainstorming session because they got to point out all my flaws and failures as a dad to help decide what to shoot.Image result for bad father funny gif

We shot in black and white, importing 26 takes to filter down to the 1:11 video. Elvis lent us the music, and the ‘old flim’ effect added the finishing touch in making it look like something I watched in school so long ago.

I went in to do some peer comments, but as of 7 p.m. Sunday night, found little to no videos produced since Wednesday. Makes me wonder if I’m doing something wrong…

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