This is the end

Image result for jim morrison“This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend
The end”   — The Doors


My final project took a dark turn. C’est la vie. I have to go where the muse takes me. It can’t all be silly videos. I chose to tell the story of letting go, how a father comes to grips with his child embarking on new and dangerous ventures, told through multimedia and wrapped up with wistful text. I hope I hit the mark. Sometimes I get too ‘artsy’ (ahem, first post).

I have to admit, I did procrastinate a little starting it. Then again, I did have some other things occupying my time …

When I finally buckled down, I started by making the safety video. It took some time, incorporating photographs, video from camera, cell phone and dash cam, titles and text, music, and sound effects — then adding movement, transitions, and other video and audio effects.

The next part to tackle was the infographic. It was fairly simple, and I wasn’t entirely pleased with the overall look, but having put several hours into it, I felt I reached a solution and added it to the project.

I wanted to include a scrolling gif of Danielle through the years, something to convey the idea to viewers that this is my baby growing up. I selected some images I thought would show her growth and uploaded them to a gif animation website. For some reason in WordPress you have to click on gifs to animate them, so I hope those reviewing my project take the time to do so.

The final touch in expressing this ‘story’ is hearing from Danielle herself. I took her out on the porch where I knew the sounds of traffic would make a great audio foundation for our interview. Importing this to Audacity, I added a music bed which had to be copied and pasted several times to cover the whole thing. I cut myself out of the interview and used the Auto Duck tool to lower the music when she spoke.

Auto Duck fades then raises the selected audio

Her interview reminded me of things I’ve heard on NPR, so I’m fairly sure I hit close to the mark I aimed for. But then I faced the quandary of how to present these seemingly disparate media into a cohesive story, remembering it wasn’t about learning to drive but on a father letting go. What you see is not the first layout. For example, the first draft included the video only as a link from the infographic, but I was afraid everyone would miss the video. It took a few tries until I had it where I wanted.

Of course, this last week also saw me working on Daily Create 1, Daily Create 2, and Daily Create 3.

And with this final project, it’s only fitting I add some parting shots. I’d like to thank Professor Polack for her guidance and instruction and my classmates for their critique. As an aspiring writer, my grasp of ‘new’ media is much more firm than before the semester began. Techniques I picked up here will help my storytelling remain relevant in a rapidly evolving age.

All the best,


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