An audio reflection is an echo

Moon Graffiti presented an excellent example of using sound as an integral part of storytelling. The producers effectively Image result for sound effects during storytelling used recorded audio, sound effects, and background music woven with a compelling narrative of mixed fact and fantasy.

The audio pushes the imagination, bringing the adventure of a lunar visit and subsequent crash to life in the listener’s mind, just as Jad Abumrad describes in the first video.


Related imageAlong with realistic (perhaps mixed with early recording from the actual mission) voice acting simulating the flight, the producers bring in tense background music and sound effects to heighten suspense. The writers increase the tension with dialogue, adding realistic emotion when one astronaut becomes fascinated with the moonscape in the face of their impending death while the other remains concerned about practicalities of their situation.Image result for apollo moon landing They argue about fixing the radio instead of completing their mission. The sound effects and music throughout immerse the listener in the story.


Overall, Moon Graffiti is very well-done both technically and from a storytelling standpoint. But can I make something like this?



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