The good, the bad and the polished

Can I make something like Moon Graffiti?

I have worked with audio before, including SoundCloud and Audacity, though I’m not as familiar with Audacity as I would prefer. I often know what I want to do, but not how to do it. I have a basic familiarity with Adobe products, including SoundBooth. Image result for adobe soundboothBut since the cost of that software is prohibitive (and with the government no longer funding my work), I have to learn the tools of Audacity to produce the results I expect.


I watched the Audacity video provided. The time shift tool, the envelope tool and the trim tool all caught my attention, being tools I’d wished I’d known how to use before my last audio project, a 3-part podcast for Professor Rafferty. I completed that project using copy/paste and adjusting audio by amplification (added or reduced) instead of the envelope tool, which would have saved me a LOT of time and frustration.


Listening to Moon Graffiti and watching the videos confirmed my belief that well-weaved audio makes the difference between good audio work and polished audio work.

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