Tales From Space!

Image result for tales from spaceOn this week’s episode of Tales from Space!, our intrepid hero learns that not everything on unexplored worlds is friendly …

After listening to some samples, I came up with the idea of a space explorer meeting his fate on an uncharted world. I searched for sounds of a spacecraft landing, steps on a metal ladder and then footsteps in gravel, loading them into Audacity.

Next, I found an other-worldly roar, a bark and an attack, followed by a pig chewing. I used multiple tracks to overlap sounds, sometimes copying and pasting to get the “story” right. I found a male scream and put it between the attack and the chewing, then added some steam escape to the rocket ship. Some of the clips needed to fade out to prevent a sudden audible stop.

I trimmed, nudged and arranged everything until I had it where I wanted.

Finally, I decided it needed some into and outro music to give it a radio-drama feel. I put music at the head and tail of the project, which moved most of the clips that then had to be re-arranged.

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