Psycho Cheese

Courtesy of the DS106 Assignment Bank, here is the 5-second film (4 stars), Psycho Cheese.

How’d they do it?

After brainstorming some ideas, Cordelia and I settled on parodying the shower scene from Psycho.

As I prepared the cheese tray and Cordy did her makeup, Danielle came home, which was great because I soon realized I needed three hands to hold the knife, hold the camera and tear aside the shower curtain. We enlisted Danielle as the knife-wielding psycho and shot it in four or five takes.

Image result for got that goin for meWe used a real knife, by the way, and they did their own stunts.

Importing the video into VideoPad, I trimmed off the excess beginning and end, parring the thing down to exactly 5 seconds.

I downloaded and imported Bernard Herrman’s “Psycho Theme” from the onlines (or the ‘interwebs’ to be technical), laying the music down on a second audio track. I unlinked the main audio from its video, split it right before Cordy speaks, and cut away the unnecessary beginning sound.

Deciding it needed a title, I used a preset ‘wave’ effect and a text overlay to make the opening credits. I created scrolling end-credits also using a preset from VideoPad.


After watching it a time or two, I extended the music to begin with the opening credits to help set the mood. Of course, that screwed everything up already in the timeline, so I made a few adjustments, added a fade or two, and exported.




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  1. I found your article pretty interesting detailing the process of everything. I do however have one suggestion. The organization of your blog is a bit choppy. There are some pretty large paragraphs in comparison to real short one sentence blurbs. I would just suggest some better organization.

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