Old Hitch’

I love how you really notice things after someone points out the obvious. I’m a Tarantino fan, but watching the video example, I noticed his use of low camera angles really conveyed meaning in many scenes. With the exception of Daryl Hannah’s deadly assassin character gasping for air in a toilet, they each conveyed the power and superiority of characters in various scenes.

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And though I’ve never been a huge Kubrick fan, the video example of his work showed his very effective use of zooms (though also not a huge fan of these) to convey solitude, malice, realization, and a host of emotions and motives.

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The Zolly example in the Camera Angles and Techniques video showed a scene from Goodfellas using a technique I hadn’t noticed watching the movie before. And, trust me, I’ve watched that move a lot. Using the zolly kept the characters in place while making their background slowly appear closer or zoomed in, conveying how one character is subtly probing for details into the life of the other.
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But I have to say the Hitchcock example of how a reaction shot carries different meaning depending on what the character reacts to seemed rather obvious. I wonder if his comments weren’t a subtle barb at accusers of his attitude towards women?

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