Is it Wednesday?

It’s all a blur.

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It’s like I can’t tell where Sunday stopped and the rest of the week began.

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For this mid-week update, I started with a Daily Create, this from some dash cam footage I shot earlier this year. I hate the way people drive around here and pointed out one of my biggest gripes. I used a free film editing application on my laptop and layered in audio of a music track, laughter, and a clip from The Big Lebowski.Image result for big lebowski But because I refuse to pay for the software, I had to export the video for each audio track because the free version only gives you one track.


Image result for searching funnyI followed that up with my first animated gif, another Daily Create. It was easier than I anticipated. I may have spent more time looking for ideas than actually creating the gif!


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Moon Graffiti was a great example of storytelling with audio. I wrote some thoughts on the  incredible work they did, mostly out of envy. Their use of music, sound effects and voice acting melded seamlessly together.


Then I wrote another post reviewing the material covered.

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Using Audacity is like operating a vehicle you’re not familiar with. You know what you want the vehicle to do, just not how to make it do that. The tips from the video really stood out to me.


A glutton for punishment, I followed with a few more Daily Creates: here, here and here.Image result for glutton for punishment gif

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