How Tea’s Made

Via the Assignment Bank, this video shows how to make a cup of tea in today’s kitchen (4 stars).

How’d we do it?

After some planning, my personal barista and I went into the kitchen and began filming. Uploading and downloading 8 clips took considerably longer than the previous video. While that dragged on, I found the themeImage result for sucked in by tv music to How It’s Made, with which I’m very familiar because the dang show sucks me in every time.

Loading these into VideoPad, I started with the background music. I set in and out points on each video clip I wanted to use and lay them into the timeline, unlinking the audio from each clip and deleting it.

Once I had things roughly where I wanted, I watched the assembled video, pausing to write the narration. I recorded it with a handheld audio recorder and imported it to VideoPad. I laid each portion of narration on a second audio track in its appropriate place.

Image result for funny money memeOnce that was complete, I did some fine-tune video and audio trimming. As it turns out, if you want to do good audio work you have to buy the $100 VideoPad upgrade.

But I did find a way to lower the background music so it didn’t drown out the narration. Finally, I put in rough dissolve video transitions where they were needed to show time lapse and exported the video.

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