Cordelia Villalobos

Building on the theme of ‘if the Spanish Armada had won,” today’s project is a local radio newscast. I wrote it to parody Telemundo, the all-Spanish broadcast, as if English were not the common language here. I’d have done the whole thing in Spanish if I spoke a word of it. I tried a little accent, which I’m not sure was effective but kept because many news anchors with foreign services have an accent when they broadcast in English.

The first task in the project was selecting real-world news stories. I chose President Trump’s recent comments on cannabis law reformation, then his recent remarks at the G7 summit, and finally put in some local news regarding the flooding. I wrote the copy in MS Word, then recorded it using a handheld recorder.

I knew I needed supporting audio, and found a clip of President Trump here.  Then I found audio from the BBC World Service, which included its well-recognized into and outro music as well as reporting from the G7 in Canada.

I asked for help from my lovely assistant, Cordelia (Piper) Villalobos to record a man on the street interview to support the flooding story.

Finally, I imported all the audio into Audacity, trimming out mistakes and copying in the music and supporting soundbites.

Once I’d listened to it a few times and made final edits, I exported the audio as an mp3.

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