Chugging along

Okay! You know that feeling when you’re on a long, arduous journey and you keep thinking ‘we’ve got to almost be there by now’ and you look up and realize you’re just more than halfway there.

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Yeah, that.

So, my first project since Wednesday was this Daily Create.  Pen crafting is something I started doing a few years ago. It’s great therapy. A client commissioned a pen a while ago, and I sent still images and a few videos to her as work progressed, so I had them on file. I laid them all out in a video timeline, adding music and transitions.

The next day’s Daily Create had me learning about a writing system I’d never heard of before. Once I’d put the sound-characters in order, the face was obvious. I copied the characters and laid them out in a new Photoshop document, using various shape selection tools and the color Fill command to draw the face.

Image result for foreign language funny gifOn Saturday, I tackled the Alternate History assignment for this week. Coming up with an idea took a little while, but creating a newscast in that alternate world seemed like a no-brainer. Once I changed the President’s name to the Spanish translation for ‘trump,’ that ruled out any borrowed audio that used his real name, but I’d already recorded my narration by the time I realized, so that was that. I downloaded supporting audio and recorded my daughter’s soundbite, laying all these into Audacity and cutting and trimming until I had a decent newscast.

The audio assignment I chose is “Have a phone conversation with yourself” (5 stars). This is based on an actual phone conversation I had, re-created to the best of my memory. I wrote out the script, recorded it, then imported it into Audacity. I used two tracks, one for my voice and ring/dial tone and the other track for the ‘caller.’ Having the second voice on its own track allowed me to batch-edit the whole track so the effects applied would be uniform.

Another day, another Daily Create. This time I used MS Powerpoint because it does make some pretty neat charts. The idea of procrastination came to me as I procrastinated, so in a way it was destiny.Image result for powerpoint funny gif

I also commented on two of my peers’ work.


The all-sound-effect assignment was a little more challenging, both from creative and technical standpoints, but once I had the idea, the whole thing came together fairly quickly. Image result for space monster funny gif

By this time I was fairly proficient at laying things out in Audacity, copying, cutting, pasting and dragging elements until it was just right.

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