Flower in the desert

I went dark with today’s Daily Create.

I wanted to do a sort of apocalyptic ‘flower in the desert’ sort of thing. I’m not entirely pleased with the final result, but do think it hits close to the mark.

I started with an image from the Abandoned America page, and found an image of a girl crying. Importing them into Photoshop. I used the Transform tool to size and position the elements and removed the color.

I wanted a cluster of plants for her to cry about. I found some flowers and used the magnetic lasso tool to copy the portion I wanted.


I pasted the image, then sized and positioned it.



Finally, I used some filters to make the black and white portions crosshatch and the plant vibrant.

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  1. I really like your final product its actually really beautiful. I love how you did the black and white and the color, its a beautiful display of contrast. I just really like every part of the picture. However, its strange that the pictures did that to your words. I would look at if there was a reason that it did that.

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