War Slug

Just saying the phrase spirit animal conjures the narrator’s exploits in Fight Club.

Image result for fight club spirit animal

Today’s Daily Create called for creating your dream animal, forcing one to ask ‘what qualities represent me?’

Well, laziness, for sure, combined with hatred of the outside world. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, War Slug.

Most of these images were fairly easy to manipulate, a simple matter of highlight, copy, paste, and free transform in Photoshop. I added and manipulated a flame thrower, flame, helmet, and pistol belt.

Some more creative work was required to bring the slug’s eye stalk above the helmet, which I did by using the lasso tool to highlight the stalk, copy it, then paste it as a new layer above the helmet.

Even tougher was wrapping the pistol belt around the shell. I copied a portion of the belt, then used several transform tools, including free, skew, distort and warp to extend the belt and make it curve around the slug’s body.

Maybe not my best work, but fun.