An audio reflection is an echo

Moon Graffiti presented an excellent example of using sound as an integral part of storytelling. The producers effectively Image result for sound effects during storytelling used recorded audio, sound effects, and background music woven with a compelling narrative of mixed fact and fantasy.

The audio pushes the imagination, bringing the adventure of a lunar visit and subsequent crash to life in the listener’s mind, just as Jad Abumrad describes in the first video.


Related imageAlong with realistic (perhaps mixed with early recording from the actual mission) voice acting simulating the flight, the producers bring in tense background music and sound effects to heighten suspense. The writers increase the tension with dialogue, adding realistic emotion when one astronaut becomes fascinated with the moonscape in the face of their impending death while the other remains concerned about practicalities of their situation.Image result for apollo moon landing They argue about fixing the radio instead of completing their mission. The sound effects and music throughout immerse the listener in the story.


Overall, Moon Graffiti is very well-done both technically and from a storytelling standpoint. But can I make something like this?



Two down …

Image result for day of rest

Took a day of rest Thursday. That was needed.



It didn’t help Friday, though, when I jumped back in head-first.

Image result for everyone speaks spanishBegan with the alternate history book cover design. I immediately thought text book, and started in. In keeping with the idea that we’d all speak Spanish, I kept the book title in that language. Probably put way too much time into it, but think I did a good job demonstrating some concepts from the reading and watching.


Image result for taco bell .gif funnyThen I took up the alternate history assignment from the bank. Had a hard time coming up with a concept, but when my wife said there’d be Taco Bells everywhere I knew what I’d do. When I found the image with flags all over it, that sealed the deal.


Image result for funny rockGoing through some of the potentials in the Assignment Bank, I chose the Triple Rocktroll Lyrics (2 stars) and Messing with the McGuffin (2 stars), both of which were fun to do. I used Photoshop to create these in layers, applying the Canva tutorial lessons where possible.


Started checking out some of the other students’ blogs and was relieved to see I’m not the only one struggling with a few things when they commented about the rough start. But I have to say that as an antisocial introvert, commenting on others’ posts may be the hardest part of the course. I made some comments, but don’t know how to go back to find them after they’ve been moderated to link them here.Image result for everything's fine gif


Somewhere in this time, I knocked out a daily create here and also here under the idea that I ‘Gotta Catch ’em All.’

Image result for pokemon prank gif



Flower in the desert

I went dark with today’s Daily Create.

I wanted to do a sort of apocalyptic ‘flower in the desert’ sort of thing. I’m not entirely pleased with the final result, but do think it hits close to the mark.

I started with an image from the Abandoned America page, and found an image of a girl crying. Importing them into Photoshop. I used the Transform tool to size and position the elements and removed the color.

I wanted a cluster of plants for her to cry about. I found some flowers and used the magnetic lasso tool to copy the portion I wanted.


I pasted the image, then sized and positioned it.



Finally, I used some filters to make the black and white portions crosshatch and the plant vibrant.

yo quiero

America would be a much different place had the Spanish Armada defeated England.

Here, I changed all the white in the U.S. Flag to gold to honor the alternate heritage (gold and red of the Spanish flag). That was a LOT of tedious coloring… Bringing that tree branch in front of the one sign was also tedious…

I also added some signs for the national restaurant…

Here is the original, by the way …

Yet another book you don’t want to read…










Following the alternate history of ‘if the Spanish Armada had conquered England,’ I made this textbook cover (in Spanish because that’s what we’d all speak).

Using tips from the Canva tutorial on fonts and weight, I started with the title, “La Armada Espanola.” I knew I wanted it large, the most dominant feature. I chose a fitting font style and increased the size to fit the page.



The sub-title, “Historia de la invasion que selló el destino de un imperio” (History of the invasion that sealed the fate of an empire), I originally kept the same font but much smaller and with an extra space between the words for legibility. I later changed the sub-title font style to contrast with the title style, per Canva tutorial instructions.


I went online to find an image of the British Empire, which would likely not have risen if the Spanish had won. I imported it into Photoshop, highlighted all the Spanish Empire countries with the magic wand tool and made them all the same color with the Fill option. I then changed the color to a gradient with the colors of the Spanish flag.


I found fitting images and copied/pasted them onto the cover. I started with the ships at the top. I wanted the title font to match the colors of the Spanish flag, but it blended in too well with the golden hues of the armada image. Black was also too hard to read. I tried other colors, but settled on white. I experimented with inner and outer glows using red and gold, but discarded these in favor of a bevel (though I did keep the glows for the sub-title).


I kept importing images to support the ‘story,’ but the first version I made for this book cover was too busy.


I took a step back and reviewed some design fundamentals from the Canva and Adobe sites, de-cluttering the look by removing some of the images. I added an image of Elizabeth I (defeated by Philip in this alternate history), but made her much smaller than Philip and beneath him on the page. I also nudged the background ship image to the right to make it look like it (and Philip) was running her over.





I zoomed out and looked at the image as a whole, thinking perhaps the muted colors of the map unbalanced the image. So I went in and intensified the colors a little, adding a gradient color to the oceans.